Frequently Asked Questions Who goes on a photography tour? Photo Routes leads the tours and is ably assisted by his hand-picked team of instructors. As you travel with Photo Routes to some of their favorite spots, you’ll learn their techniques for everything from capturing the expanse of a landscape to photographing the smallest detail. From their years of experience, Photo Routes knows the right places – and the right time of year to shoot them. Our tours and workshops are designed to give you the best opportunities to make the best captures. To ensure that everyone’s needs are met, and for the optimal size for group travel, the tours are limited to 10-12 participants. You’ll be in good company, sharing your ideas, images and love of photography with your fellow travelers. . You can relax, knowing that the travel arrangements have all been handled for you.
What can I expect on a photography tour? On these journeys, Photo Routes shares their knowledge, curiosity and enthusiasm for places, cultures, and wildlife. They enjoys sharing vast accumulated experience and are passionate about helping each of their participants hone his or her vision. You’ll be in the field shooting side by side with Photo Routes, and then, once back at the group’s lodgings, benefiting from their critiques of your shots. Careful thought and planning go into the schedule of each trip. That said, please know that if a better shooting opportunity arises – such as a mystically foggy morning – we will juggle the schedule to help you get your best shot. You’ll work hard, shoot a ton, and take your photography to the next level – and in the process you’ll have a great time! These trips are a fantastic opportunity to immerse in your photography and Photo Routes will be right there giving you a personal photography lesson.

What should I pack? Once you are registered for a particular tour, more specific info, including details on the vaccines and visas you will need, will be sent to help you prepare for your trip. Review our general packing list: PACKING LIST
What’s included? Tours prices include all meals, all lodgings, all transportation within the tour, entrance fees, local guides, and leader and instructor services. Okay, I’m ready – how do I register? Please select a Tour or Workshop and click on the Register button, or just contact us via phone or e-mail. I don’t see the locations/dates I’m looking for. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us – we can customize a tour for you if enough parties are interested. Groups are limited to 12. I don’t see my question here. Please contact us. We look forward to helping you plan your trip!

Packing for a photo adventure

The art of packing for a photographic adventure is a careful balance of bringing everything you will need, and leaving everything else at home. The problem lies in the fact that it’s difficult to predict your future needs. Having traveled and photographed on a very vide spectrum with Photo Routes, I’ve refined my packing regimen to a near science. I created categories of equipment: clothes, toiletries, medical, camera gear, computer/technology, camping, and food. Each of those categories is broken into subgroups like: absolute must haves, location/weather considerations and luxuries. Journeys can be as unique as the people taking them and thus there will never be a perfect pack list that everyone can go by. What might be considered a luxury for one person is a “must have” for another. I’m a strong believer in bringing a little something to help make life on the road good again. Whether it’s a book for the airport, a pillow for the flight or an iPod for a long bus ride, a small luxury can bring peace to a frantic world. However, these “little” items can add up and when they do, we should remember that the best luxury item any traveler can have is a lightweight bag. With airlines tightening baggage restrictions along with charging more for bags and overages, it’s worth your time to carefully pack your bags with only what is really necessary and minimize the luxuries. What follows is good start list for anyone on a major photo adventure. It has been assembled from Photo Routes experience, my own and everyone we have traveled with. The idea is not to take everything on the list, but to pick and choose what works best for you and your journey. Black - Must Haves Blue - Location or Seasonal consideration Green - Luxury Clothes The clothes list is greatly dependent on location and personal style. A good first step is avoiding cotton, as it takes an extended time to dry and makes the washing and drying process a long one. Notice the laundry detergent, sink stopper and clothesline for washing clothes. Clothes should be comfortable and versatile. Think about layering – that way, you can use any of the smaller items rather than being stuck with one bulky item. Body T-shirt Long sleeve polypro top Travel shirt Warm coat (fleece) Waterproof jacket Down jacket Down vest Fleece vest Fleece sweater Dress shirt Dress jacket, wrap or sweater Legs Underwear Pants Convertible pants Shorts Socks Waterproof pants Long underwear Head and Accessories Hat Warm hat Buff/bandana Sun hat Rain hat Belts Bug head cover Hands Thin gloves Warm gloves Waterproof gloves Feet Socks Walking shoes Boots Sandals Waterproof (over)boots Toiletries Toothbrush Toothpaste Dental floss Sunscreen Lip balm Ear plugs Comb Razor Hand lotion Insect repellent Liquid soap Sanitizer gel Personal info Passport Driver’s license Credit card Bank card Cash Itinerary Copy of passport/drivers license Yellow Fever card Other Money belt Watch Sunglasses Water bottle Flashlight Spare lenses or glasses Binoculars Travel alarm Plastic or Ziploc bags Electric converter Sewing kit Baggage locks for use outside U.S. Walking stick Powder detergent Clothes line Sink stopper Pocket knife (in checked bag) iPod and charger Journal/notepad/pen Book Technology The decision to bring a computer should not be taken lightly, as the peripheral devices needed to support it use can add up to a fair bit of weight and bulk. Carefully consider how much it’s needed and how much time you will have to work with it. With memory card size out pacing megapixels, it’s now possible to go for weeks and perhaps months on memory cards. For the hardcore professional photographer a computer is a must, but for the average photographer going light and simple may help you focus on the moment. Laptop computer Power supply Plug adaptor Power converter External hard drive Card reader Cables for hard drive and card readers Card reader USB jump drive Medical A close consideration to the nature of your journey should be given here. Key factors to consider are your personal health needs, proximity to medial assistance and what the quality of that care will be. Look to travel or outdoor gear stores for First Aid kits. Check with your doctor or travel clinic for advice on remote or extreme travel locations. Small bandages First Aid antibiotic Anti-itching cream Medicine A small collection of over-the-counter medicine for curing common ailments won’t take up much space and can really save the day. Once again, personal health needs must be considered. A visit with a doctor at a travel clinic can give much more precise information about regional and personal needs. General pain reliever Antihistamine Laxative Antacid Anti-diarrheal Motion sickness A doctor at a travel clinic can prescribe medicine to deal with the following health related travel issues: Bacterial infections (food poisoning) Malaria Altitude sickness Homeopathic Compact Medical Kit Photo Gear The nature of what photo gear to bring greatly depends on: what you own, where you are going, what you plan to photograph and what your photo goals are. The following is a list of what a serious photographer might bring for a major photo journey. Camera body x 2 Wide lens General lens Telephoto lens Super telephoto lens Teleconverter Extension tubes Off-camera flash cord Tripod and head Memory cards Camera batteries (minimum Battery charger Polarizing filters for all lenses Graduated Neutral Density filters Flash unit Batteries for flash Cable release Rocket blower Cleaning cloths Sensor cleaning kit Swabs Fluid Rain cover for pack Rain cover for camera