Photo Routes is dedicated to providing photographers, amateur and professional, with amazing photography tour experiences topped with instinctive tutorials and workshops, Conducted by renowned photographers T Narayan and Sanjay Sharma. Narayan is a former Photo Editor, India Today, Hindustan Times, Week, OPEN and Outlook, while Sanjay has worked with organisations like The Hindustan Times, Asia Week and Wall Street Journal. Photo Routes prides itself on offering the participants unrivalled experiences to destinations which would be otherwise hard to reach for an average person. Photo Routes functions on the highest set standards. The tour sizes are conducive to the discerning participant to mix learning with fun. Touring idyllic destinations, we promise our participants a thoroughly enjoyable experience with an authentic local flavour.

Photography can be many things. A truly rewarding experience. An exclusive hobby, which can unleash your creativity. An enriching career option. The choice is yours. . In all the cases, it gives us a meaningful perspective of life that is usually not realized in mundane surroundings. You could be someone who wants to be a pro in the field or simply want to whet your creative appetite. What is important is the initial impetus to cut through jargons, and understand technicalities and tricks of the trade that can be hard to come by. The Basics of Photography Workshop is aimed at all level who have started dating photography and are seeking professional guidance. Photo Routes will provide an entry point to a completely new world.

Photographers (beginners or amateurs) interested in learning photography. Except your interest, no bars on age or qualifications.

Yourself. Your DSLR Camera and Lens or a point and shoot camera.
T Narayan

Camera and the sound of click are the two things photojournalist T. Narayan has known all along his life. Experimenting with the magic of the lense since he was just 10, Narayan has inherited the mastery over this craft from his father, legendary photographer N.Thiagarajan. Working for India’s leading national newspapers and magazines and international agencies, Narayan has been holding a mirror to the politics, business and society of India for the last 25 years. From Punjab’s militancy to Kashmir’s terror-struck valley, from Gujarat earthquake to Mizo rebels in the far North-east corner of India, rarely a major event in India’s socio-political landscape has escaped Narayan’s lens. He has served at various senior levels India's largest read English daily The Times of India and The Hindustan Times. Narayan has also worked as the Photo Editor of the top two news magazines of India—India Today and Outlook.

Not someone to rest on his laurels, Narayan is still in search of that elusive perfect shot. Narayan, 46, is passionate about travelling. He is married with two sons and lives in Delhi.

Sanjay Sharma

Sanjay is passionate about everything he does--- whether whipping up exotic dishes in the kitchen or breath-taking frames. A photojournalist for over 30 years, he has worked with leading publications and international agencies like The- Hindustan Times, The Pioneer, Asia Week, Defence News and Wall Street Journal. Sanjay has also worked on several photographic assignments with leading corporate houses and has taught photography to students in The British School, New Delhi.

As a photojournalist, who has covered major national events over the past quarter of a century, Sanjay brings with him his strength of experience and journalistic vision that is crucial for creating a memorable image. He cut his teeth in the mid-1980s as a freelancer and soon joined The Hindustan Times where he spent the next decade of his professional life earning accolades on important assignments ranging from insurgency in Mizoram to Punjab militancy, Kashmir conflict and the Ayodhya agitation, leading to the demolition of Babri Masjid. Recall any significant dateline and you will find Sanjay standing there. Name any genre, and Sanjay’s vast portfolio will have the relevant images. As a corporate and journalistic photographer for clients that range from magazines to ad agencies, he thrives on the variety in the projects he tackles. “Every day is different because I do what I love” Sanjay says. He wouldn’t have it any other way.